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Plaza de toros de Málaga The 'Malagueta' bullring, Málaga. 'Plaza de toros de Málaga'

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Map of the Bullring of Málaga.

Second floor:
Andanada (2º piso)
Palcos 2º piso (del 1 al 25)
Sillas delanteras 2º piso
First floor:
Grada alta (1º piso) fila 1 a 4
Palcos 1º piso (del 1 al 3)
Sillas delanteras 1º piso
Butacas de tendido
Tendido fila 1 a fila 12
Barrera 2ª fila
Barrera 1ª fila

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Paseo de Reding 8 29016 Málaga
Capacity: 9.032 spectators
Category: first category

Bullring of Málaga. Seating chart.

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plaza toros malaga


History of La Malagueta. Malaga Plaza de Toros, bullring (La Malagueta

As many other cities, after having celebrated bullfights in other parts of the city over the years, the place finally chosen to raise the definitive bullring is the Paseo Reding, in the area known as La Malagueta. It was built in 1874 on the initiative of the City Council and the Provincial Council, owner of the bullring. The person in charge was the architect Joaquín de Rucoba and Octavio de Toledo, author of the Atarazanas Market.

It was inaugurated on June 11, 1876, with bulls from Murube fought by the bullfighters Manuel Rodríguez 'Desperdicios', Antonio Carmona 'Gordito', and Rafael Molina 'Lagartijo'. In 1976 it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site, coinciding with the centenary of its inauguration and Cultural InterestGood in 1981.

The bullring is ‘neomudéjar’ style and has the shape of a polygon with 16 sides. Its initial capacity was for 11,000 people, although after different reforms throughout its history the capacity has varied and currently is 10,401 locations. The arena measures 52 meters in diameter and among its dependencies we find four corrals, ten pigsties, stables, corraleta for the horses test, bullfighters room, nursing, etc.

The Antonio Ordóñez Bullfighting Museum is located inside. This bullring, named first category in 2006, hosts every month of August the best bullfighters of the moment, when a series of bullfights are celebrated coinciding with the August Fair in the city of Málaga. Also celebrates a bullfight in Holy Week and is very famous the ‘Corrida Picassiana’, where the bullfighters wear dresses inspired by the work of the author from Málaga.

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