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Toros Málaga 2023 Málaga bullfight tickets - 2023 august taurine festival.

La Malagueta bullring, Málaga. Sale of Málaga Fair

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Old season tickets

All information about the sale and renewal of passes for the whole season (card for all shows, members) can be found at Servitoro and by calling +34 96 330 85 93. from July 15 to 19.

New season tickets

  • You can early book your season tickets in Servitoro, guarantee the best seat.

  • at the box office of the Plaza de Toros, dates to be confirmed

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    Request and reserve single tickets for all the bullfighting celebrations in servitoro.com or calling 0034 963308593 from Monday to Friday, 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM. - at the box office of the Plaza de Toros, dates to be confirmed.

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    Program for the Málaga Fair 2023 "A sea of bullfighting"


    Málaga will live its August Fair between the 14th and the 21st of next month. This year's event is very special since the Malagueta bullring is inaugurated after the rehabilitation works of the last months. Málaga Deputation has allocated more five million euros in the building, protected as a Property of Cultural Interest, and that will become a large multicultural space for the city, starting of course by the great Bullfighting Fair. Among other improvements, two elevators have been installed, areas such as the infirmary, the services, the press room or the offices have been renovated and the painting has been removed from the facade, returning the original brick look dating back to the 19th century. The inauguration poster is very special: Enrique Ponce, Finito de Córdoba and Morante de la Puebla with bulls from Juan Pedro Domecq on August 14.

    Ahead other five first-class bullfights that include a single double, that of José María Manzanares; the farewell of El Cid in his last year in the bullrings; the presence of the winners of San Isidro, Antonio Ferrera, Roca Rey and David de Miranda; the return of Curro Díaz after years of absence...The traditional 'Picassian Corrida' will take place on Monday, August 19 and will again feature the scenery of the French artist Loren Pallatier. El Juli, Manzanares and the brand new winner of Seville, Pablo Aguado, will make the parade on such a special afternoon.

    The art of horse-bullfighting will also be present with a poster of maximum figures and the commitment to the quarry continues with the poster that will close the Fair. But in addition the Malagueta will host the International Competition of Bullfighting Schools with the presence of the best students between August 22 and 25.

    Málaga Fair


    Pending confirmation. 6 season ticket bullfights. Apply early for your tickets of the Málaga 2023 Fair, make sure you get the best seat.

    The Fair of August, or simply “Fair of Málaga”, is one of the most important an famous of the summer, both for the party in the city at night and day, and the bullfights in La Malagueta, what makes it an essential event. The Fair of Málaga has its origin in 1487, when on 19 August the Catholic Kings took the city and incorporated it to the Crown of Castilla.

    They agreed then to commemorate the date on an annual feast, and from 1491 onwards, the popular festivals were established. That year, a procession was held where the royal palio with which Málaga was won, from the Cathedral to the church of Santiago, and a bullfight. From the s. XVII began to use spectacles of fireworks.

    And this arrive to our days like the great party of the summer in the Costa del Sol. They begin with the “pregón” and the fireworks; a “romería” with horses, carriages and people from the city accompany the standard bearer of the fair to the Sanctuary of Victory. The city is full of booths, lanterns, flowers, parades, musical shows with flamenco and copla as great protagonists.

    It can be said that in the center there is a day fair, and in the “Cortijo de Torres”, which is the fairground, a night fair, although it maintains activities throughout the day.

    The bullfighting fair is one of the most important and in the main bullfighters act on it.

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